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I will Review up to only  2 Books per month from Authors/blog tours as I don't want to get overwhelmed  see home page as they will be listed there.

By asking me to Review your book you are agreeing to allow me to  give my honest opinion not the opinion you think I should have.

I base my reviews on when I finish a book what stood out the most, what captured my attention , what I did /did not like.

My Reviews are based on the book not the Author as perhaps if I do not like one of your books that's not to say I will not like another.

My Reviews will be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, this blog and my blog Facebook page

Abuse / hurtful comments posted to my blog or blog Facbook page will be deleted and the culprit will be banned.

if you agree to these rules and would like me to Review your book please contact me


or contact me on my Facebook page :

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