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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Ashes Series Author :Diana Gardin Cover Re-Reveal and Giveaway

The Ashes Series 
Author :Diana Gardin 

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arc received in exchange for an honest review

well holy moses cliffhanger , this book pulled me in right from the very start and it in no way went how I expected ,I got so caught up in it I didn't even realise when it came to the end and the scream I let rip because I'm dying to know what happened shocked my husband, I could not put this book down and at times when I had to I thought of nothing but it and could not wait to get back to it, 5 huge well deserved brilliant stars great book Diana, fellow book worms if you love the romance stories such as taking chances, beautiful disaster, losing hope, the Vincent boys/brothers you are not going to want to miss this one I assure you 

Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

Paige Hill is discovering who she is again after losing everything she loves in a tragic fire. She’s endured a long road to recovery with the help of her best fiend Gillian and is finally beginning her life again: college, a job, and a blossoming love she never even saw coming.

Clay Forbes is the notorious campus playboy. He’s a star athlete, a senior architecture major, and the only son in a family with power and money back in his hometown. When he crashes into Paige, his whole perspective on life shifts, and his world as he knew it becomes nonexistent. He’s wrapped up in her.

They’re both learning how to love, but Clay’s ex-girlfriend Hannah won’t make it easy for them. She puts a target on Paige’s back, and won’t stop until she’s derailed their budding romance once and for all. Who will be left standing after the ashes settle for the second time?


Settling Ashes (The Ashes Series #2)

He broke her heart, but she’s missing the largest piece of the puzzle… 

Paige Hill is no stranger to physical pain, but the ache that plagues her heart is an entirely new kind of hurt. She left Rutherford to escape it, but did she make a huge mistake? Her ex-boyfriend Beau, who scooped up the broken pieces of Paige like he never got the chance in their past, doesn’t think so. He wants her to stay… 

Clay Forbes can’t eat, can’t sleep, and can’t fight the murder charge that hangs like a guillotine over his head. None of it matters if Paige won’t forgive him. He’ll do anything to find her and bring her home. 

But how safe will that home be when the two are finally reunited? It seems the death of Hannah Davis is definitely unfinished business in their small college town, and someone is still on a mission to keep Clay and Paige apart…this time forever.

Settling Ashes my review 

This book was gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest review 
from the moment I read out of the ashes I knew I was going to be hooked, I adored this book, I fell in love with clay and beau all over again, this book was sexy, swoonworthy and was the perfect treat for the hopeless romantic in me well done Diana great read one again you smashed it 5 huge stars

Diana is the author of the YA novel COLORBLIND, and the NA Contemporary Romance novels OUT OF THE ASHES, SETTLING ASHES, AND WANTING FOREVER. All are available for purchase now. Diana is a Virginia girl living In South Carolina, and her beloved home in the South is the backdrop for all of her novels. She adores writing about Southern girls and boys finding their way in and out of love. She’s married to the love of her life, and they have two fabulous/crazy children under the age of five.

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