Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blogs are like the cool kids on the playground !


I became a blogger because of my love for books, I wanted to tell the world about all the books I read and loved and what I loved about them,
I wanted to help authors get noticed.


 Someone once pointed out how bloggers are the like the kids on the school playground, some are big and popular and then there is the fat kid unpopular who blends into the background.
 I don't mind being the fat kid but a simple thanks and appreciation goes a long way.
Bloggers don't get paid for their time.
Bloggers spend hours upon hours in their inbox and in blogger.
Bloggers spend hours reading your book. 
Bloggers take the time to write your reviews.
Bloggers spend hours upon hours making pictures, teasers , spotlights, takeovers, pimping in general.
Small blogs pimp Books as good as big blogs. 
Small blogs are the ones filling the big blogs tours.
and for what ??? To be ignored .
A big blog pimps a big time noticed authors book often  and rarely a small time one.
They will pay for ads. Draw up a review and pimp it the same as a small blog. 
So what is the difference? Small blogs pimp all authors unless it's a certain genre blog such as paranormal ect .
They too write reviews, pimp your books, tell all their family and friends about how it rocked their world.
I have seen too many times where a big or noticed author will go along share a big blogs review, tell all their friends and followers to go like their page and so, when it comes to small blogs our reviews only matter for a star rating and a number count on Amazon for authors chasing things like book bubs and the new York freaking times. Our reviews don't get shared our blogs don't get praised by big authors.


Too often do I see when a small lucky blog gets to tour a book and it's a hidden gem it's new no one has read it yet. So the blogger reads it and loves it, so she sends out invites for the  tour and 50 + people sign up most small blogs and remember  we are  ignored and unpopular to the big ones , now a lot of these small blogs will read the book and write the review and talk it it and pimp it and love it.
does it get noticed NO the odd author (owner of said book )  here and there will comment and thank  you and that's ok. we loed that you noticed us on your way up but will you remember us when you reach the top ? unlikley ...  also have you compared promotion prices to big vs small blogs ? We will go back to that 

 so these big blogs one of there friends will notice the small ones ranting about  this book and the big blog will go off and read it and love it and post their review to their page jabbering about how it's the best book ever and it spreads like wildflower through the big blogs who didn't care in the beginning enough to join the tour.
They create a big hype and the author chases it like a fat kid chases cake they gush and like and share and boast and send their friends to like, those who couldn't give a fuck in the beginning, while the ones who got the book noticed sit back ignored.

So the author over time becomes huge new York bestseller ,publisher the works and their book is great they deserve that but perhaps they could remember who helped get them there from the beginning. 
Moving on, the authors sequel to the book is coming out some time later and the big blogs create a massive hype like the cool kids on the corner with their Nikes, these authors chase the big blogs and are only to happy to hand over this new one to review  , tour to them now and so the hype goes from the popular to unpopular and this time the small blog doesn't get to review let's face it we are small who would care , notice ? But we loved the first book so we will still go buy the book read and review it tell our friends about it pimp it and pray it's noticed by the author.

To the authors Our reviews go unnoticed,unmentioned, unshared, our pimping the same well let's face it "Jim"or "Kate" only has 2 to 3000 likes on their blog page meh they won't pay to boost it and if they do not many more will see it anyhow. Star ratings and numbers again we have become a statistic only just another number who read the book.

so now the big popular blog on the playground gets so big for their boots when a small authors ask them to read their book from the beginning they get turned down or ignored and their book might not be a new York times best seller or in the Amazon top ten but to them it's golden to their followers it's gold to the big blogs it's not worth their time or money. well unless of course you pay them.

Most big blogs refuse to pimp these it doesn't make them the pennies Amazon grant them so they won't pimp that.
but who does ? Ohh the the small blog with the affiliates not with their heads stuck up Amazon arses for pennies that's who.
The ones who want to spread your book for what it is,  great reading.

ohh yes there is that, a big blog will take on your tour miss big author but here is what you don't see.
a big blog will ask you to join a master list stating in the beginning you DO NOT have to post everything they send (yeah right)
The author comes along and and asks about the money she just gave for her tour how many people signed up yadda yadda
the blog will rave 100+ perhaps this is untrue.
yes they may have that many on their list but they all didn't agree to post it.
mails arrive to small blogs itching to get a piece of the action thank you for signing up and so on and your like hmm nooo i never did ?? but for the sake of the author you will post more often than not.
i have had books show up on my kindle i did not sign up for (no i will not name names i am not that dumb ) how well you signed up before for a different tour and your information is reused to fill the ones they cannot fill.
 now they look ally cool to authors who pay 100 plus dollors for said tour until post day arrives and some wont post.
now the author is thinking why ? the above  is why,
now the small blog tour host and 50+ sign up not mastr listed and yes not every one will post but the majority will ,
so whats the difference ?
They charge less and pimp more because the want to, because they did sign up., because its not all about the money but the little they did charge may help buy swag to get their blog known and out there.

so the next time you want to get your book out there, be it book 1 or 2  or 10 consider who you ask why and how.
Authors when it comes to reviews make them matter a simple Thank you and or share goes a long way.
Consider the big and small blogs.
Remember who helped you on the way up.
chase the small blogs too, big things come in small packages.

Here is something you probably don't know for every one person who clicks like on a post on fb they will show it to 5 people and so on.
it has been proven that people who pay for page  likes get just that (most they dont give a shit about books ) your post goes to 5 people 3 don't care and ignore it and so on so it dont matter if a blog has 4000 or 40,000 likes only those interested in books will pay attention so don't waste your money.

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