Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Title: Surprise Gift 
Author: R. R. Banks 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Dear Arrogant Elitist Jerk, I QUIT.

My billionaire boss is a type A control freak.
And the thing he wants to control most is me.
Cocky and infuriating all wrapped up in one gorgeous package.
If only I could forget our one-night fling.
Then one day my title changed.
From secretary to Henry Clyburne’s fiancée.
“Just fake it for a night”, he said.
I played the part.
And got caught up in the moment.
I should be more responsible.
I have my nephew to worry about.
But I wasn’t.

I should've sent my resignation in before my life got more complicated…
Now there’s a surprise gift neither of us expected.

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