Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Title: 2 Alphaholes & A Pussycat: The Taming Collection 
Author: Loni Ree 
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Short Stories 

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2 Alphaholes and A Pussycat Blurb

What happens when an Alphahole Professor, a jerk who gets his packaged mixed-up and a hot nerd find the three lovely ladies made just for them? Sparks fly and 2 Alphaholes and A Pussycat get tamed.

This collection includes three previously published stories: 

Taming Professor A+lphahole
"When you tame the King Alphahole, you want to brag.”
When Tori offers a fellow student a ride to school, she has no idea her good deed will bring the biggest Alphahole ever into her life. Now Reid Maxwell is going to find out he picked the wrong girl to boss around. She’s going to show him.
Professor Reid Maxwell hasn't let any woman get close enough to tame him. The Economics Professor has a reputation as a love 'em and leave 'em Alphahole with no room in his life for entanglements. Raising his younger sister takes all his time, and he avoids any hint of commitment.
He takes one look at Tori Barton and realizes she's the one for him, but she isn't going to make things easy for this over-the-top jerk.
Smartass meets Alphahole and sparks fly. 

Packaged Love
“All I wanted to do was make a simple package exchange, then the next thing I know Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome and Jerk-Face is slamming me to the ground and threatening me with jail and other real pleasant experiences. Yep, my day certainly could be better.”—Emma Wolcott
Who knew a delivery guy’s screw-up could lead to finding “the one?”
Ethan Wescott instantly falls for the gorgeous, little thief he catches stealing his package. Once he realizes it’s all a misunderstanding, he’s left trying to convince Emma even a caveman jerk deserves the chance to redeem himself. He’s going to have his work cut out for him because so far, she isn’t too impressed.
Nerd Boy
“Nerd Boy has been replaced by Alpha Male, so all these assholes are going to find themselves running for cover.”—Dylan
The teasing and taunts never bothered Dylan Drake until the day Chloe Jordan enters his life. Now the once easy-going engineer is going to show the tormentors who’s really the boss.
He has a secret he’s been keeping for years, and when it’s revealed he hopes Chloe can forgive him while everyone ducks for cover. Nerd Boy isn’t taking their crap anymore.

Plus: One extended epilogue that brings the Alphaholes and the Pussycat together into a family. Find out what happens after the taming!

 Loni Ree, a very busy mom of six, loves to read because she finds that reading helps her escape the chaos of everyday life. She loves quick, red-hot reads that are on the excessive side. Writing is a passion of hers, so Loni decided to share the stories floating around in her mind. Her short, steamy stories are a little over the top because she believes reading should be an escape from real life. Her steamy romances turn Alphaholes into Pussycats and always have a happily ever after, guaranteed!

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